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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Thrifty Peanut?

The Thrifty Peanut is a family owned and operated book and media warehouse. We've been in business for over nine years buying and selling all kinds of things from books to vinyl records.

What Kind of Things Do You Buy and Sell?

We buy and sell books, CDs, videos games, audio books, comics, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and vinyl records.

How Does Store Credit Work?

Store credit can be redeemed for like items that you have brought in. For example, if you brought in books, you will be given store credit towards books. If you bring in movies, then you will be given credit for that.

How Much Can I Bring Per Visit?

As much as you want! There is no limit. Give us a call for larger quantities and we can work out how long it will take to process the order.

Should I Get Cash or Store Credit?

We leave that up to you! But do know that store credit is usually 30-50% more than the cash offer.

What is Your Return Policy?

We do not offer refunds on book purchases. All other items can be returned within 14 days of purchase with receipt.

Are you looking to hire?

We are always looking for people as passionate as we are about books to join our team. Think you would make a great fit? Fill out our employment application here and bring it in.

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